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As the Platform Acceleration Lab is a hands-on coding course, it will be helpful for you to be prepared before beginning. We will run through a quick exercise that will ensure that you have the correct software installed. After completing this exercise take some time to familiarize yourself with these technologies.

Program overview

Experience best practices for re-platforming and modernizing apps in a hands-on setting, as practiced by Pivotal educators and consultants. The program is focused on enabling customers and partners through doing it rather than talking about it.

Students will gain a deep understanding of Pivotal Cloud Foundry and what it takes to move or modernize existing apps to run on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Students will learn the fundamentals of Spring, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Services. In addition, students may have the opportunity to be exposed to some of Pivotal's core practices including test first development, continuous integration/deployment, pairing, and retrospectives.

Program objectives

Become cloud native

  • Understand what Cloud Foundry is, and how it runs apps.
  • Learn about key app-centric Cloud Foundry constructs: app, manifest, buildpack, service instance, binding, domain, route, environment variables.
  • Understand how to perform app portfolio analysis in an agile way.
  • Experience common impediments to running an app on Cloud Foundry, and overcome them.
  • Learn how to identify, codify, and make use of reusable patterns for modernization across an app portfolio (i.e. understand cloud native app architectures).
  • Learn how to evolve monolithic apps to be service oriented (i.e. understand when and how to break out microservices from the monolith).

Other resources

The PAL team maintains a list of references that complement the course material.


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